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Close te cycle of water depuration. Reuse treated water to provide new services: agricultural irrigation, urban irrigation, industrial service waters. At APS we are committed to the reuse of purified water and we are committed to the development of optimal tertiary treatments: functional and economical.

Waste recovery

Circular economy in wastewater treatment. Value creation from waste from treatment plants: stabilization of sludge, power generation, agricultural fertilizers, options that make the exploitation of the facilities profitable, ensuring the viability of the service.

Engineering, R&D

Research and development at the service of water treatment. We look for solutions to the current challenges of water treatment, optimizing treatments, reducing investment and operating costs, valuing treatment products and by-products. Not everything is said in water treatment.

Tertiary treatments

We design reliable and economic installations, with the minimum space requirements, automated operation and simple maintenance.

Sludge Solar Dryer

Reducing the volume of the sludge from the treatment plant to a third makes its management much easier, don't you think?.